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Forget Yourself by Redfern Jon Barrett

Forget Yourself - Redfern Jon Barrett

I obtained a copy of Forget Yourself from the author.


Forget Yourself is a dystopian speculative fiction novel by Redfern Jon Barrett, an author with a PhD in queer literature. It’s a very polished and well written story that hits on many of my favorite themes – the nature of reality, questions of identity, unreliable narrators, and the subjective nature of thought and idea. Forget Yourself is one of those books whose concepts stood out head and shoulders above the crowd, and upon reading it I was thrilled to found out that the writer possessed a skill equal to the task he’d set himself.


You can read the full review at Book Nouveau. It contains mild spoilers.

Source: http://www.booknouveau.com/2013/08/forget-yourself